E33 – Leading A Modern Day Sales-Force with Latané Conant, 6sense

This episode of Tech Sales Insights Live features Latané Conant, the Chief Market Officer of 6Sense. Prior to her stint at 6Sense, Conant did work as a CPA before moving into consulting, and eventually finding herself in a sales position. From sales, she moved into marketing and was the CMO of Appirio for a few years before finally working with 6sense.

An Overview of 6Sense

6sense is an account engagement platform that aggregates data and helps businesses choose the opportunities that are right for them. With 6sense, businesses get a clearer idea of their ideal accounts and ideal buying team. 6sense also helps companies efficiently coordinate the execution of their sales by bringing key insights together.

According to Conant, it is crucial for marketing and sales leaders to be on top of the technical side of things for them to be successful. They must understand insights and their implications, and how to help companies use these insights to their advantage. This data-driven approach is more likely to help companies achieve their goals and boost their growth.

Marketing’s Transition to the Digital Space

While traditional marketing strategies are still very much alive, many marketing tactics have migrated to the digital space. Marketers and companies are learning more and more about their customers’ wants and needs from research, and a lot of the customer journey is developed from insights. Conant points out how marketers have begun to lean into their discoveries, which has allowed them to boost engagement and help customers self-serve.

The utilization of the digital space for marketing became even more prevalent during the pandemic because individuals were forced to use digital platforms. Having a strong digital presence and a digital signal is a competitive advantage, and this is something that Conant discovered during her time at 6Sense.

Insights allow marketers to create a more personalized marketing strategy that resonates with customers. In connection with this, Conant identifies the four R’s, or layers, of relevance.

The first is account relevance, which determines what makes a particular account an ideal customer. The second is persona relevance, which analyzes the persona of a company.

The third and fourth are behavior and timing, respectively. Behavior entails producing content that customers are more likely to resonate with. Timing, on the other hand, analyzes the position of the customer in their journey to see how to best approach them.

By applying these four relevances when dealing with customers, marketing strategies become more effective. As Conant says, if a marketer is able to identify account insights, persona insights, timing, and behavioral insights, a company can become more relevant to its target audience.

When it comes to prospects, 6sense does not have a preferred sales methodology. Rather, its team looks at sales stages and showcases predictions based on data. 6sense brings light to the pre-opportunity funnel to help provide insights that assist with the in-opportunity funnel.

Determining the Strategies That Work

During the episode, Conant, Nour, and Randy Seidl discussed how some approaches do not work as well as others do when it comes to certain industries. However, Conant identifies certain customers that have done well with their marketing strategies. One such client is CMO Cay Gliebe from OneSource Virtual.

Conant points out how Gliebe has an excellent relationship with its sales team. This, paired with the company’s focus on their channel has helped them effectively communicate with their customers. OneSource Virtual has good customer service and marketing channels, which are both data-driven. Gliebe uses insights to their advantage, which drives OneSource Virtual’s success.

Words of Wisdom from Latané Conant

Conant encourages her team to always advocate for themselves, learn as much as they can about technology, and be curious about the world around them. This will help them improve at doing their job, and this will further encourage their creativity. According to Conant, innovation best happens in the front lines: “Sales is a ground game and they are the first line of defense.”

There are various strategies in sales and marketing that have evolved immensely during the pandemic, and they will alter the way that customer engagement and technology sales work in the future. Conant identifies pods as one way that these areas have evolved to develop a more holistic customer experience.

Technology is a great catalyst for change, but it is important to remember that there is a human element to it. It is essential to bring people together, and this can only be done by analyzing and tracking data. 6sense is able to accomplish this because they use one dashboard, and this allows them to analyze all business processes and see how each of their parts work.

Additionally, Conant stresses how it is important for organizations to be leader-driven. A good leader is able to make sure their team is aligned. This beats strategy most of the time because CMOs play a key role in empowering team members and highlighting a business’s culture.

Finally, Conant identifies energy as a key point that draws customers towards a specific company, and this energy is facilitated by the members of a team. In Conant’s words, “Your brand starts with your people.”

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